Night Vision Scopes, Goggles, Binoculars, Monoculars and Multi purpose systems by Night Vision Gear UK


Ordering FAQs

Q. I live outside the UK - can I order from your website?

A. Only people that reside in the UK (with a UK delivery address and a UK credit/debit card registered to this same address) can order on-line directly from our web-site. Provided the product required is legal to export from the UK, we can take orders from elsewhere - in this case, the payment option available is bank transfer. Shipping will be charged at cost, depending on the destination - please email us for a quote.

Q. I want to borrow a unit to have a look through it, but dont want to pay for it first - is this possible?

A. Unfortunately not - however, the distance selling regulations entitle a genuine purchaser to return a product for a refund if they are not happy with the product in any way - please see details here in our terms of sale. Essentially what this means is that if you are not happy with a unit having received it, you can return it for a refund (shipping costs incurred by you are not refundable) within a certain time-scale. This is often the best way to evaluate a unit, because you then get to see the unit operating under the exact night time conditions and terrain that you will routinely need it to function.

Q. I want to pay a deposit or "pre-order" an item that you dont have in stock - is this possible?

A. We do not accept deposits, nor will we take your money at all if we don't have an item for you in stock. While a lot of companies do this, we feel it is dishonest and unprofessional to take a customers money in advance of a product being available for them - we only accept orders on items that are actually in stock.


Payment FAQs

Q. I want to ring you with my credit or debit card details - is this possible?

A. We do not accept credit/debit card details over the phone, for reasons of data protection. Our online ordering system uses "Worldpay" - one of the most secure and longest running card processors in the World, and based in the UK. When you place an order on our web-site, your card details are passed securely from you directly to Worldpay - we are not privy to your card details, or any passwords used to establish that you are the rightful owner of such details. The Worldpay system is compatible with the "Verified by Visa/Mastercard securecode" authentication procedure, so you are fully protected.

Q. What is the maximum value order you can accept by credit card?

A. Our floor limit for credit card orders is £5000.00. If the order exceeds this amount, it must be paid for by cheque or bank transfer.

Q. I have tried to order on-line but payment is being declined, what to I do?

A. Ring your card issuer!  Even when "verfied by VISA/Securecode" PINS are entered correctly by you, a lot of card issuers will not allow high value transactions to proceed, unless you ring them and let them know that it is you that is using your card. Other reasons why a card may be declined (either by the card issuer or by Worldpay) are if you have insufficient funds/credit on the card to allow the transaction to proceed, or incorrect details being submitted.

Q. What other forms of payment do you accept?

A. We will also accept payment by cheque or bank transfer - please e-mail us for details.

Q. Do you accept "Paypal" payments?

A. We do not accept Paypal. While it is an international organisation, Paypal is not a bank and therefore not covered by the very comprehensive UK banking regulations, and so any legal remedy to any dispute or complaint by either consumer or merchant is almost impossible to achieve. While many on-line "businesses" accept Paypal as there sole form of payment, we advise caution - a Paypal account is very easy to set up, with no references required, and is ideal for "here today, gone tomorrow" traders; Compare this to the very robust (and rightly so) procedure that a real company has to follow in order to take traditional credit card payments (certificates of incorporation and other credentials have to be supplied, a merchant bank account has to be used, references may be needed etc).

Q. I ordered yesterday, but my card has not been debited - why not?

A. We only debit your card when your order is ready to ship, and any debit will generally not show up on your account for a day or two after this point.


Delivery FAQs

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. Orders normally take 3-5 days ( working days, not including weekends or bank holidays) to arrive with the customer. When you order from our web-site, you will receive two e-mails almost immediately - one from Night Vision Gear UK, and one from Worldpay. Both emails will contain details of your purchase.

When your order ships (within 3-5 working days of the order being placed), we will send you another e-mail to confirm dispatch, this e-mail will provide you with both tracking details and  confirm your rights and obligations under the distance selling regulations. Normally, you will receive delivery the day after this order dispatched email is sent to you.

Q. Do you offer next-day delivery?

A. Unfortunately not, orders are processed as quickly and carefully as possible, but we do not offer a "next-day" service.

Q. What service do you use to ship?

A. Usually Royal Mail, but under certain circumstances we may also use UPS. Whichever service is used, a signature will be required and full tracking of the shipment is available.

Q. I want you to ship to an address other than the address that my credit card is registered to.

A. Sorry, we will only ship to the address that your credit/debit card is registered to - to do otherwise would leave both parties open to the possibility of compromise by fraudulent use of stolen card details.