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Our range of ATN Night Vision Equipment carries a minimum 2 year warranty (subject to correct and proper use).
Our NVE (Night Vision Monoculars, Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Rifle Scopes and Night Vision Goggles) all use readily available, standard batteries.
ATN Corp. Night Vision Monoculars are light and handy and are ideal for short duration use, where the user will have to be mobile a lot of the time.
ATN Night Vision Binoculars are ideal for observing for long periods of time, affording great operational comfort.
Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) enable the user to work in the dark, while keeping both hands free. Also available are mono-goggles - these devices only cover one eye, enabling the user to observe with the unaided eye also, for good peripheral vision and depth of field.

Night Vision Rifle Scopes (or Night Vision Weapon Sights as they are also known) enable the user to make accurate aimed fire with a rifle under conditions of darkness. The range of the unit is dictated by the type and grade of tube fitted, as well as the quality and magnification of the optics. Additional infra red illumination makes a big difference to the accuracy of any night vision weapon scope.Infra red Illuminators are generally powered by either a light emitting diode (LED) or a laser - both of which have their own characteristics and advantages.
The different types of image intensifying device mentioned above use either First Generation single-stage (Gen 1), Second Generation (Gen 2) or Third Generation (Gen 3) image intensifying tubes, which amplify any available ambient light to turn a dark night scene into a bright image.

Some Night Vision Devices can be coupled to a camcorder/camera for photographic use; this is a common requirement for security personnel , journalists and nature enthusiasts, who want to use NVE to enhance images in poor lighting conditions - the use of an NVD under these circumstances has proven to give better results then other technology.
First generation (GEN 1), second generation (GEN 2) and third generation (GEN 3) models available - generally speaking, a first generation single-stage device is intended for consumer use, and  will enable you to see things that would be otherwise invisible to the naked eye at night; Second Generation (and enhanced second gen, which is also known as second generation plus, or under the DEP Photonis registered brand names of "Supergen" and "Hypergen", both of which match or exceed US Gen 3 performance) gives hugely improved image intensification, and though it is more costly, it is a very worthwhile investment if you are serious about this equipment. Recently, we have also been lucky enough to be one of the few companies to be granted a licence to sell new (not surplus) high spec Gen 3 tubed units to the general public within the European Union. Legal controls of this technology are very strict, and neither Gen 2 or Gen 3 night vision equipment can be exported to a non-EU member country without the appropriate export licence from your countries Dept Of Trade. Temporary removals of this technology from within the EU jurisidiction are treated the same way as exports.